Professional Vision & Hearing Screening Services

Provided On-site at Chicagoland Schools & Daycares

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Why do we do it?

PRESCHOOL:  We are DEDICATED to identifying children who are suspect for a vision or hearing impairment as early as possible.  Vision and hearing problems missed during crucial times in development can result in learning or social difficulties.

SCHOOL-AGE:  We are DRIVEN to ensure that all school-age children have the ability to see the projector screen, visualize words in books, and hear the teacher's voice.  Learning potential is maximized when students have the ability to see and hear clearly in school.

What do we offer?

We provide professional vision and hearing screening services for all grade levels, PRESCHOOL through GRADE 12, starting at age 3.  We deliver dedicated, experienced, quality testing!

Who are we?

We are vision and hearing screening technicians certified by the Illinois Department of Public Health.  Most of our technicians are professional REGISTERED NURSES who have worked in the school setting.  (Please note: We are not opthalmologists, optometrists, or audiologists.)

Where do we provide services?

We conduct ON-SITE testing at private, public, and parochial SCHOOLS and DAYCARE CENTERS in the Chicagoland area, including the North and Northwest suburbs of Chicago.

When do we test?

Services are available year-round!

Why Choose us?

  • Great Value - Competitive price for OUTSTANDING service!
  • Convenience - EFFICIENT, RELIABLE, and HASSLE-FREE testing!  Multiple screeners provide for fast and timely testing.
  • Friendly and personable - Students and staff will enjoy the process!
  • Dedicated - Assistance and support from start to finish!

Please contact us to discuss your needs to the upcoming school year.  We look forward to speaking with you!


Kimberly Holstein, RN, ICVHT


Pupils Vision & Hearing Testing, Inc.